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Renegade in the Community....

Renegade Gives back.....

Here is a partial list of what we are doing to try and help during the Pandemic.  Thank-you to all of our supporters.  Be Safe.  Be Well!


St Anthony’s Central – 30 Free Burritos

North Suburban Hospital – 30 Free Burritos

Childrens Hospital – 30 Free Burritos

Thornton Police Department – 20 Free Burritos

Adams County Sheriffs Department – 50 Free  Burritos

Frederick Police Department – 14 Free Burritos

Thornton Fire Department – 60 Free Burritos

Swedish Hospital – 50 Free Burritos

Morning Star Senior Center – 30 Free Burritos + 50 Face Masks

Clear Creek Nursing Facility – 20 Free Burritos

Front Range Community College Students in Need - $250 in gift cards + $1250 donation

Thornton Community Center families in need – 40 Free Burritos

Adams 12 Families in Need – 100 lbs. of Rice / 100 lbs. beans + 100 burritos

Community Pet Hospital – 28 Free Burritos

Westminster restaurant gives back to Adams 12 School District families by donating food


"We have a lot of friends who have lost jobs, we have a lot of members in our community who need help and are worried about feeding the kids."


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